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The Window Cleaner is a well established window cleaning company based in Eltham and operating throughout south east London including Sidcup and Blackheath.

We have a deserved reputation for the high quality, affordable and reliable window cleaning services we provide.

We clean windows for residential areas and commercial business premises and are available for one-off cleans or on an ongoing regular basis.

Window cleaning with a water fed pole

We have full public liability insurance for your peace of mind and protection and wear smart uniforms to clearly identify ourselves.

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Water fed pole window cleaners Eltham

How do we clean windows? The Window Cleaner use state-of-the-art water fed pole window cleaning systems together with pure water.

These poles extend up to several storeys in height and purified water is pumped up through the poles and sprays out of jets situated in a cleaning brush on the end of the pole. As the water goes on the glass the brush agitates any dirt loose and the constant flow of clean pure water rinses the dirt away.

What is pure water? Normal tap water contains minerals and other deposits such as limescale and chalk. The south east has the hardest water in the country due to our chalky soil and this results in the scaling found in kettles and washing machines. These are known as hard water deposits.

If tap water is sprayed onto glass through a hose for example and not properly cleaned off the tap water will leave numerous little white spots on the glass. These are also hard water deposits.

Pure water goes through an intensive filtration process removing all minerals and other impurities until it has zero mineral content. This is pure water and has been deionized. It has many industrial uses because it is free of contaminants and one use is window cleaning. It is perfect for cleaning windows which can then be left to dry naturally for a streak-free, crystal clear finish.

Cleaning windows with cleaning products leaves a sticky film on the glass that attracts dirt. Purified water leaves the glass totally clean with no film meaning windows stay cleaner for longer.

Other benefits of water fed poles and pure water include:

  • long reach extendable poles to clean higher windows
  • able to clean previously inaccessible windows e.g. above conservatories
  • pure water dries to a sparkling finish and no streaks
  • all windows cleaned from the ground so less intrusive
  • windows that are cleaner than ever and stay cleaner longer

If you would like to know more about pure and deionized water click the link.


Eltham’s most effective and thorough window cleaners

In addition to the superior window cleaning effectiveness of pure water and wfp poles we, as standard, always clean all window frames, sills and ledges ensuring the glass and surrounding unit is completely cleaned.

The Window Cleaner is never beaten on price and service.

Our comprehensive range of exterior cleaning services include fascias and soffits cleaning, conservatory cleaning and gutter cleaning available in Eltham, Sidcup, Blackheath and throughout south east London.


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