What does the end of tenancy cleaning include and why it is important?

When you’re planning to end your contract and move out of the place you were renting, you may remember or already be aware of the end of tenancy cleaning. But why is it necessary? Why should you get a professional house cleaning before leaving it for good?

The answer is relatively simple: your deposit. When leaving, your property manager will decide whether the place is in adequate condition to be passed down to a new tenant. When yes, then you get your full deposit back. When that does not happen, however, part of your deposit may be used to pay for the cleaning company that will supply the service. Naturally, a premium cleaning company is preferred.

But, how is it better to hire cleaners in Glasgow directly, instead of trying to clean the place up as well as possible by yourself first? Find out here all about it. In this article, we will explain precisely why hiring cleaners directly, out of your pocket, is often a sounder financial decision and how you can get the best deal at it. Let’s get started.

1.What it includes

For starters, let’s dot down what an end of tenancy cleaning does include, so we’re clear on the level of work expected – both for the cleaners, as well as for you if you decide to do it yourself:

  • Dusting off all surfaces
  • Disinfecting commonly used surfaces and furniture
  • Deep fridge, microwave and oven cleaning
  • Sanitization of the bathroom and the kitchen
  • Removing all dust, debris and stains by vacuuming and cleaning with a mop
  • Thoroughly cleaning the carpets

This is a general rundown of what a typical end of tenancy cleaning may look like – but it depends on the state the property was in when it was first handed to you, as it needs to at the very least match it.

2.Time, money and where it all goes

Now, with such an extensive list of tasks, you may see how it can be overwhelming, quickly – especially as you’re planning to move out. If you’ve got work, coming home to apartment hunting only to have to do extensive cleaning duty on the weekends is nobody’s dream – but it can become your reality if you don’t fully consider your options.

The time and effort it will cost you, as well as the opportunity costs if you’re looking for a better place to move to will typically outweigh hiring a cleaning service from Glasgow, or anywhere else you may be found. Consider the price you will pay for a cleaner, compared to the price you would have to pay if the place isn’t considered to be sufficiently cleaned. You would have effectively paid double the cost while trying to save money in the first place!

When looking to get your entire deposit back, act smart.

3.The perfect balance

If you’re looking for the right choice between having parts of your security deposit, be used for an expensive domestic cleaning, and doing the cleaning yourself and risking hitting roadblocks, we’ve got the solution for you. Cleanifiq provides you with access to some of the best cleaning companies in Glasgow, for highly affordable rates.

We have several companies specializing in end of tenancy cleaning! That means you can ensure your property manager is happy, your deposit is safe, and you have all the time in the world to use as you please. What’s more, we’ll help you get the best deal on any cleaner out there, as we ensure our prices stay competitive. Visit us for more information and get your security deposit back in full – today!

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