Tips for Opening an Outdoor Venue

Summer is here and what better time to open and launch an outdoor venue than during the warmer summer months? Sure, it may be a challenging and pricey project, but with a smart budget and help from experts to build it, your outdoor venue business can flourish.

Launching your own outdoor venue consists of planning, landscaping, and buying appliances. Additionally, you may need to take part in construction tasks like mixing and troweling mortar and hiring someone to install electrical wires. If you can’t wait to start this lavish business venture, read on for more ideas on how to build the perfect outdoor venue for weddings, garden parties, and more.

Plan your layout designs.

A project without a plan can be disastrous. You don’t want to waste money on unnecessary tools, and you definitely don’t want to invest in the wrong building materials. Let’s say you plan on incorporating an outdoor kitchen area. You want a structured kitchen layout on solid foundations, with beautiful landscapes and high-quality appliances.

In this step, it’s important to have the correct measurements for your patio’s square footage and draw out your desired kitchen layout design. For example, layouts can be L-shaped, galley, linear, or U-shaped, among others. Do some research online to find skilled construction companies that will provide you with all the resources—such as landscaping services—that you need to make your venue stand out.

If you’re based in the U.K., for example, you may want to look into forest management services offered by Tilhill to help with cleaning up the land that you plan on building your venue on. With over 20 years of experience, Tilhill contractors will provide OSHA-certified landscaping operations and project management for your outdoor venue. They offer traditional landscaping solutions like soft landscaping, construction, fencing, and habitat restoration. Additionally, Tilhill offers site clearance and maintenance services as well as grassland creation. This is crucial for any landowner when designing the aesthetics of a venue but also in the interest of health and safety when patrons will be walking around your outdoor space.

Choose your furniture.

You could decide to position your outdoor furniture on a patio under string lights or on grass next to a calm river—whatever your land has to offer. Perhaps you envision your guests enjoying food and drinks near the pool, on the deck, under a gazebo, or beneath a pergola. You also may want to consider the following factors when choosing the location for your furniture:

  • Strong foundation
  • Nearby electricity for appliances
  • Wind direction to prevent smoking your house
  • Climate type for open-air or sheltered kitchen

Consider your kitchen appliances.

After you’ve decided on a layout, it’s time to design your kitchen and add your kitchen appliances. Kitchen appliances make or break any food industry service, so be sure to visit appliance stores and shop around for the best deals and brands. This includes a griller, smokers, fryers, refrigerators, sinks, and outdoor pizza ovens like the Ooni pizza oven.

Ooni pizza ovens are perfect for family festivities or casual gatherings and might just be the quirky component of your outdoor venue that attracts new customers. An outdoor pizza oven brings the stone-baked fresh pizza experience to your outdoor venue as opposed to just having a kitchen inside away from your patrons. Customers will love to see their homemade pizzas being cooked right in front of them so it’s definitely something to consider! Whether it’s a Neapolitan-style pizza or thin crust pizza, the Ooni oven can make any choice of pizza you desire.

From choosing the right land to landscaping your new venue to adding all the finishing touches, you’ll be ready to open your new venue soon and create memorable experiences for both you and your customers!

Updated: August 11, 2021 — 2:45 am

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