Tips for furnishing a new home

While buying the house of your dreams can be exciting, it is accompanied by great responsibility. Moving into your new house and turning the house into a beautiful place requires much work and contrary to popular opinion buying a dream home isn’t the end. Home furnishings is one of the biggest concern that accompanies moving into a new house. Home furnishing and furniture not only add to the décor, but they are a necessity. A typical home requires essential appliances, among other furnishings. If you aren’t careful, however, you can splurge more than necessary as electronic appliances and furniture aren’t cheap. Thus when you are setting up your new home, you need to be extra careful. This article offers some tips that will help you in the process of furnishing your new home.

1. Decide on your colours

Begin by deciding on the key 2 to 3 main colours that will majorly cover your home. The aim is to ensure that you don’t keep your home devoid of colours while also guaranteeing that you avoid having lots of colours in your home that may end up with a chaotic disjointed look. Once you have settled on the main colours you want in your house, ensure that each item that you buy complements or matches with these shades. Don’t get overboard trying to have colours that match accurately as it is almost impossible to achieve this. Instead, for example, if you have chosen yellow and can’t find a couch yellow in colour, go for another matching colour.

2. Measure up

Measure the floor area to know its size and if you haven’t moved to the house yet, use the floor plan of your agent to have an idea of the house’s rooms shape or size. If you find that the layout of the new home varies greatly with that of your current home, you can consider going for new furniture that will suit your new space. You can consider getting your furniture from an online furniture shop as some offers free delivery. Moda Furnishings Limited is an online furniture shop that can prove handy.

3. Prioritize high traffic areas

When buying furniture for your new home, give priority to the most used areas in the house. Furnish these areas before any other rooms in the home. If you love watching TV when seated on your couch, then start by buying comfortable coaches and a good TV stand. By giving priority to rooms that are used the most, you can spend on quality furnishings and furniture in these rooms and then you can consider getting on a budget on the other lesser-used rooms.


4. Refurbish, recycle, repurpose

When planning on how to furnish your house, you will find out that most of the hidden cost of homeownership lie here. While there are plenty of quality furniture pieces in the market, most of them are accompanied by quite a high price. If the budget becomes too tight for home furnishings, you can look out for friends and family who may have excess furniture to get rid of. This will prove beneficial, especially way when on a budget as you can always bargain. Some refurbished furniture look as good as new ones. Online review sites such as ReviewsBird can help you get reputable sites offering quality refurbished furniture.

5. Strategically fill the room

With the earlier priority list, you now know which rooms need to be initially refurbished, start with these rooms. This will ensure that in case you run out of budget, you will have already furnished these high traffic areas. To ensure you get the best furniture deals here are some tips that will help.

  • Be attentive on seasonal sales cycle: Some of the details to know here is that, for example, mid-winter might be a good time to find the best deals as stores normally markdown last year’s items, summer, on the other hand, provides various sales opportunities from labour day to memorial day.
  • Be wary about credit card stores. Typically furniture store often lures clients to shop by offering zero per cent deferred interest on credit card. One must be careful with these offers as they can be tricky. If you buy furniture on the deferred interest deal terms and you fail to pay on time, then you will at the end pay interest on the whole purchase amount.

In conclusion, buying a house might seem interesting; however, most people don’t put in mind that a new home needs to be furnished and get problems when it comes to furnishing the house, both on the cost as well as lack of furnishing ideas. With this article, one needs not to worry as there are great furnishing tips