About Us

I tried myself many times to find someone who would complete the job properly, efficiently and regularly.

After years of having numerous different window cleaners and not finding someone who would turn up when they were supposed to or be doing a half-hearted job when they did I decided enough was enough, I wanted to learn how to do this job myself, properly.

So I put the effort into learning the trade properly, what equipment to use, how to use it correctly, different techniques for different materials etc  as time went on and the more I learnt about the trade, my passion for cleaning grew also, seeing how good the results from my own work and having a great interest in what I was learning I decided I wanted to pursue this as my career.

After the initial early stages of learning and development of our business, we have grown from strength to strength and continually developing and expanding.

We now have a large happy loyal customer base of regular window cleaning customers.

Most of our work has come from recommendations from existing customers,  proving that we are someone that you can rely on to do things right every time.